Typpz layout is ready!

Typpz layout

After working on it for a while, the layout for Typpz Printing Solutions store is ready. In a few days our products catalog will be online too. We have chosen bright colors for our layout, like light blue and light green. Typpz now gives a happy, calm feeling and the colors fit well with our logo. Our site will have an english interface (which is ready) and a greek one, which will be ready during next week. If you want to link to us feel free and use the image and the code below:

<a href=”http://www.typpz.com”><img src=”{URL}” alt=”Typpz logo”/></a> Store the image in your server and replace {URL} with the url that lead to where you stored our logo.

To save the image to your hard disk: right click on it, save image.

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