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We made some changes to our database, as our store needed some input fields for orders (for customers to write their name, email, adress and anything they want to appear on the cards they orders). The changes include some new MySQL tables and some php scipting code to support the tables. Our store now is fully functional and in a few days we will be able to accept orders. Another change we made is to out blog. We modified the .htaccess file, so wordpress can build nice pemalinks for the posts. WordPress is based on php and the permalinks it gives are like this: With the Apache mod_rewrite modification in the .htaccess file of wordpress, our permalinks now are nicier and look like this: which are more user friendly and more robot friendly (for better crawling by search engines). To modify your .htaccess file you should give it a chmod 777 (write and execute permission, so wordpress can change it) with your ftp client (like filezilla) and then change the permalink style via wordpress admin. Do not forget to change the chmod for .htaccess file to 644 for better security after the modificitation.

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