60 thoughts on “Create a Web 2.0 logo using Abobe Photoshop

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  3. Hey nice tut! Now if I didn’t have psp instead of ps I’d be a happy camera. Going to see if I can do the same though. Thanks for taking the time to create this!

  4. Great tutorial. But how do I save the image for use on the Web. 4000px is way too large, but I can’t figure out how to retain the same effect with a smaller pixel size suitable for a website logo.

  5. On Photoshop you click image>image size, put the image down to 500px for example and then click file>save for web and save to png or jpg file.

  6. @grafix: As the CC License mentions, you are free to use the logo (by replacing Typpz text with your text) as long as you provide a link back here (attribution).

  7. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article e a Web 2.0 logo using Abobe Photoshop, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  8. Pretty simple.. Not a bad effect though… Although a layer mask on the highlight overlay might have made it a bit better looking.

  9. Excellent tutorial and just what I was looking for. I too am trying to save for the web, but have specific dimensions i.e. 360px by 55px, 55px by 55px – when I save, I lose the drop shadow and it gets incredibly pixely. Warning, I am new to all of this. 🙂 OK so new that why is everything now referred to as Web 2.0?

  10. @Cindy Before you save for web you should merge down all layers (all layers will become one layer) and you will not lose the shadow effect! This logos are modern and used in many web 2.0 sites, that’s why they are called web 2.0 logos!

  11. can u let me known the easiest way to create the logo for a particular site . kindly provide us the softawre through which i can easily download the softawre and run accordng to it there task . kindly help me out to create the logo . once the logo is created how should i replace the original logon into the new logo.

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