Web pages for handhelds: Size is not the only point!


Many designers believe that as design is seperated from content (using CSS) the only thing you have to do to have your pages available for handhelds is to create a seperate CSS stylesheet that is designed for small screens. After building the stylesheet, it is easy to update your content and have your site available everywhere. On the other hand many designers mention that handhelds users look for different information than computer users. There are different needs when you are on the road with your mobile phone and different when you are at home. So it is preferable to create a new site for mobile devices with the appropriate information only, that is user friendly and easy accessed, which means less scrolling, downloading and waiting. The best way to manage that is to think of yourself on the road, looking for information. How would you like a handhelds web site to be? I prefer a light web page, without many images, that loads quickly and has anything that is needed on the road in the front page.

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