Digg effect: Advantages and disadvantages

Digg effect (getting to many visits from a social site) can be very dangerous, but also very helpfull.

Disadvantages of digg effect:

  1. Bandwitch usage: If your site or blog is hosted in a host with certain bandwitch, you should be very carefull with digg effect as it is very easy, if you get tons of visits, to overcome your allowed bandwitch. Also too many queries in your database can cause your site to be temporarily unavailable or even cause serious problems to your server.
  2. Digg users (and users from all social web sites) are not ad-friendly. Digg users know what they are looking for, or just surfing around to sites with many diggs (many times they wait until the site they visit loads and then they are leaving without even reading it) and they do not click on ads. So digg traffic will not get you income at all.
  3. Digg users will not bring you new visitors.
  4. Digg users do not comment on posts.
  5. Being in the front page of digg does not help your Google pagerank.

Advantages of digg effect:

  1. Being digg effected will probably bring you some new incoming links from sites that found your content interesting. Getting incoming links is a great way to increase your pagerank.
  2. After being dugg you will notice an increase in your every-day site visits and your feed subscribers. Visits will not be so many as the day you got dugg, but will be more than before the digg effect.
  3. Most of the times if a site becomes famous in Digg, soon becomes famous in other social media like del.icio.us.

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