We love small icons :-)


As anyone who is in graphics and web design, we love small icons. There are many resources for such icons out there (like FamFamFam which has great collections), but the icons are few and all of them illustrate the sames: arrows, feed icons and in general anything that is needed for making a web site operational. Here is when IconBuffet comes. This site is full of free icons (both funny and operational) like the one you see in the image above. The greatest thing is that IconBuffet works like a game. You can trade your icons with others and get badges depending on what you have collected or send. Its community is also great. People who participate in this game are creative minds that want to share icons and spread the icon love. If you would like to be part of that community click here (joining using this link will add you automatically to our friend list, so if you look around IconBuffets website, come back and click this link to join). All icons that are included in iconbuffet’s sets are free for use in websites. Each set contains the icons in various formats and dimensions.

3 thoughts on “We love small icons :-)

  1. Great site! Sets are funny and well designed! The nice thing is that icons are free for use in web sites, but no vectors are available for download…

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