Web 2.0 is here. What about Web 3.0?

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As you probably know, we live in the web 2.0 time. Social websites are everywhere and users are now part of the Internet world and not just readers that read information. Now they express themselves (through blogs), they are part of social sites like digg, slashdot and so on. Broadband connections gave the ability for video calls, VOIP, IPTV and fast video streaming. What about the next version of web called Web 3.0?

Up to now we do not know much for Web 3.0, but it will for sure feature better and smarter search engines. Now search engines search using the keywords we provide. In web 3.0 they will have smart feature and they will be able to “understand” what the user looks for (according to his habits and his previous searches). In addition to this, users will be able to search using files and not only keywords. For example: today, if a user looks for Paris Hilton’s photos, he opens the search engine, types “Paris Hilton” and gets in the results every image that contains the words Paris Hilton in its file name or in the page where the image is stored. In web 3.0 users will be able to upload files and search using them (some sites like like.com and Pandora are already following that trend). Automatic tagging will be another feature in the future. Social sites will be able to understand information like human do (or almost like) and add tags automatically. All these has to do with semantic web abilities but web does not stop there: technologies like 3d web will change the way we surf in the Internet. Users will be able to virtually travel to places they haven’t visited before (something like Google Earth but not from above and with the ability to move inside the cities like in real-time). Mobile phones will become also smarter, they will be probably able to inform your friends if something happens and you cannot meet them, or send an email to your co-worker to remind him of your meeting.

Web 3.0 is not so far as we think. Large companies like Yahoo and HP have spent lot of money on researches and accepted the Semantic Web stanrdards, while others like Google and Microsoft work on the 3D web area. Nobody can tell for sure how the Web will look like in a few years but the evolution has already become with web 2.0. Maybe web will become a second world much more than second life is today.

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  1. re: Mark Nutter above… ha ha Very apt & funny!! also web 3.0 should be amusing. the points noted above- esp “semantics’ are already a reality hence proving the aforementioned. good post

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