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Yesterday Apple announced in London that iPhone will be available in the UK market on 9th November. iPhone will be available through O2, so everyone who wants it shoould “buy”also the 18-month connection with O2. iPhone european has EDGE support for fast data transfer, but it doesn’t support 3G services. Wi-Fi is also supported and the phone is quad-band, so it can operate with every network in Europe.

The pack comes with: iPhone, Stereo Headset, Dock, Dock Connector to USB Cable, USB Power Adaptor, Documentation and a cleaning/polishing cloth. Full tech-specs can be found here. You can sign-up to recieve any update availble for iPhone european edition by email. I think that Apple should release the iPhone “unlocked”, because many users in Europe will not buy it packed with an O2 contract.

2 thoughts on “iPhone in Europe

  1. iPhone does not sell as many devices as in USA here in Europe! Lack of video recording and MMS is an important drawback for Europe users! Hope that version 2.0 of iPhone “fixes” that issues!

  2. 700 euros is much for buying it unlock it france! I think it does not worth it without video recording and mms support!

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