How to choose a web host


There are thousands of companies around the world that sell hosting services. Most of them charge per month, but price should not be your only criteria when choosing a host for your pages. You should keep in mind the followings and then find the service that provides the quality you look for at the most affordable cost.

  1. Technical support is one the most important issues when choosing a web host. Do they offer support by phone, email? And if so, how long will it take to get back to you?
  2. How much disk space is offered to you? Remember that pages uses a very little amount of space, but multimedia files (pictures, videos, sound clips) use much larger quantities.
  3. Do they offer domain registration and how much will it cost.
  4. Do their servers support CGI-scripts, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Front Page extensions, SSH connection and Telnet?
  5. How fast is their connection to the Internet and do they have multiple connections in case of a problem or damage?
  6. If you would like to run Java/Java EE applications on your site or build a site with JSP, your host must support Java apps and run a Jakarta/Tomcat, Jboss, Glassfish or other Java server.
  7. Do they offer a stastistics service to let you have a look on your site traffic and hit?
  8. How much bandwitch do they offer per month? For example 2GB bandwitch for a site full of videos and images is too low.
  9. Do they offer one-click installation for commonly used free web apps (like Drupal and WordPress)?
  10. What site management application is used (for example Plesk or Cpanel)?

2 thoughts on “How to choose a web host

  1. Intresting check-list. I have pretty mucht the same, yet i leave the Java option out 🙂
    But isn’t there also the price to consider in function of the options you get?

    What I am trying to say: You can find a perfect host with good support, and a large space, great speeds and no traffic limits, but if you can’t afford it, that host wouldn’t match my definition of ‘a good web host’ 😉

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