WordPress 2.3 released


During the previous week, the new version of WordPress (2.3) was released to public. The new version provides some great features to bloggers, like tag support and update notifications. Tag support is a great add-on (which was already used with the appropriate plug-in) that helps users and web spiders-crawlers to navigate through your blog more smoothly and easily. Update notifications is the other most expected feature. One-click updates are the dream of anyone using WordPress. That means probably end of database back-up and ftp deletes and uploads any time a new version of WordPress is released. Taking back-ups though should be in your timetable regularly ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

The new version supports sidebar widgets by default. The problem is that many users used themes that need some plugins installed to operate properly, which means that if these plugins are not working with version 2.3 they will not be able to upgrade until a new version of the confusing plugin is released. For example, the theme I use, needs the sidebar listing plugin which does not support version 2.3 of WordPress, so I still use the previous version of the platform.

For sure WordPress 2.3 is a recommended update for everyone that is able to upgrade, but remember to check your stuff before you do (themes, plugins etc) and also pay attention to the official extended instructions for backing up your database and upgrading. No one wants to lose data because of luck of attention to the instructions! If you are using WordPress 2.3 or have tested it, feel free to post a comment and tell your opinion about it.

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