Poll: Vote for your browser!

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There too many browsers there available for download (for free). Many of them are commonly used, like Firefox and Internet Explorer, and some others are dedicated to smaller user groups, like Shiira and Flock. Vote below for the browser you use! Poll will end on 29 November 2007.

Poll Results:
Firefox 71% (78 votes)
Safari 17% (22 votes)
Internet Explorer 10% (13 votes)
Opera 5% (6 votes)
Flock 3% (4 votes)
Camino 2% (2 votes)
Shiira 2% (2 votes)
Konqueror 1% (1 vote)

5 thoughts on “Poll: Vote for your browser!

  1. I will also use Safari from time to time, but Firefox is the primary browser of choice for me.

    If I am accessing the internet via my Wii (and any Wii users, for that matter), then we are using a version of Opera.

  2. Firefox for browsing. When building a website it goes like this.

    Firefox all went well.
    Opera yes! It still works.
    Internet Exploder Damn it!

  3. @Jsun: “Firefox for browsing. When building a website it goes like this….”
    Exactly that way! Debugging for all browsers takes about 10% of debugging time and 90% is debugging and hacking to make tha pages work fine with IE.

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