Packrat: The best facebook app ever


First of all, here is a fair warning: If you start playing Packrat you will probably get addicted. If you do not have a problem with that, keep reading.

I have to say that I do not like facebook apps. I do not like them, because most of them offer nothing but loading my profile page with useless info and icons, making it to need too much time to load. Here comes Packrat. Packrat is a facebook application, created by Alamofire (same guys that created and run Iconbuffet) which first of all does not put any data on your profile page except if you want to. As you may have understood, Packrat is a game. It is a game for people who love pixel art. Purpose of this game is to collect cards (if you have baseball cards in your mind, you are on the right way, but imagine them digital and with various concepts). There are around 15 sets with around 18 cards each in Packrat. Each set has a different concept, for example there is the Ninja Dawn set with ninjas, Ratpack set which is casino inspired, Quest of Monzetuma with Incas and Aztec icons etc.

Packrat snapshot

Each time you collect some cards from a set, you can put them in your “vault” to keep them safe permanently. Why keep them safe? Because cards that are not in your vault can be stolen from other players! Of you course you can steal cards from others too. Some cards are easy to obtain, some others not. Navigating through other players’ pages gives you credits, which are the digital currency of Packrat. You can use your credits, to buy cards (called items) from the markets. Some cards are available for buying, some can be made by combining three other cards and some are given as bonus (pop-ups) when you invite friends to play the game or accidentally when navigating through Packrat users’ pages. Vaulting all the cards from a set gives you a “Feat of Wonder”, a gift card for completing a set, which is placed on top of your vault.

The cards available in Packrat are designed by the guys from Iconbuffet, except two sets designed by a guy from Iconfactory. The screenshot above is from a set called Sleep Tight (the sleeping monster that gives 18300 points when vaulted was a really difficult card to make 😉 )!

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