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Most of you have sometime listened to a podcast. If you do not know what a podcast is, wikipedia explains it in well written way. Most of the podcasts I listen to are technology-oriented. They cover a wide variety of technology topics though, from MS Windows to Mac or general tech topics like security or Programming. So here is the list of the podcasts I usually download alongside with a short description (the podcasts are randomly listed, so it does not mean that number one is my favorite and number ten my less fave).

  1. Windows Weekly by Paul Thurrott: Ok most of you know Paul from his great blog about Windows. Great podcast with many information on future Windows versions and reviews for MS products.
  2. MacBreak Weekly: Leo Laporte and company talk about everything on Macs and all the thing that Windows should do, but they do not.
  3. Apple Keynotes: This one should be known to everybody. A video podcast with the Apple Keynotes. I love the moments when Steve Jobs talks about new Apple products. The podcast is updated only when an Apple keynote takes place, so do not expect weekly updated.
  4. Floss weekly: Thats another podcast from the TWiT team. The podcast is Linux oriented with wide theme coverage about KDE, OpenJDK and various Linux and Unix themes from programming to user interface and security.
  5. Security Now by Steve Gibson: That is the ultimate podcast about IT security. If you are interested into these subjects you should definitely give it a listen.
  6. net@night by Amber McArthur: Amber talks about various web themes such as web trends, web too and reviews some known services like Gmail, Yahoo mail and others.
  7. The WordPress Community: This podcasts is here to keep listeners informed on what is happening in the WordPress labs, so if you love this open-source platform as I do, this podcast will give you all the info on what to expect from WordPress future versions.
  8. Identity Management Buzz by Sun Microsystems: A podcast targeted to those that like security and identity topics like OpenSSO, OpenID, identity information management etc.
  9. Daily GizWiz: This is a podcast about gadgets. So if you count yourself as tech-addicted, listen to this podcast and discover future technologies straight from the labs.
  10. NASACast video: Video podcast from NASA with small clips from experiments and missions and many info about planets (especially Mars).

Occasionaly I listen to some podcasts with general themes. Some of them are: The Wall Street journal, Wild Chronicles Digital by National Geographic, Transitions by John Digweed and Futures in Biotech. All the podcasts I mentioned in this post can be downloaded from iTunes music store for free, so if you are interested in them, just type the podcast title in itunes search field.

3 thoughts on “My Podcast top ten

  1. TWiT TV provides some of the best podcasts out there! MacBreak is one of my fave too! I have not listened to the biotech one, but I will give it a try for sure!

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