Introducing Typpz mobile edition

I released (thanks to Mint for that) that around 1% of Typpz visitors view the blog using their iPhone and Mobile Safari. As with almost every site that is not optimized for viewing on cell phones, viewing from an iPhone means zooming in and out the parts of the page you want to read. To make those 1% a little bit happier, I built a very simple web app that parses and views Typpz blog content right from your home screen and as shown on the screenshots above, content is readable without having to zoom in and out. The web app is built using Dashcode and one of its preinstalled templates.

The url for Typpz blog mobile edition is When viewing from an iPhone, you can push the “+” button on mobile Safari and bookmark the app right on your home screen. When accessing typpz mobile app from a saved bookmark on iphone’s home screen, there is no top and bottom †navigation bars (yeah no chrome at all) like in Safari which means more space filled with content.

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