How to: Create an icon for your app in Mac OS X

Mac OS X comes with great and powerful tools pre-installed. The scenario is simple: you have coded your app and designed a great logo for it. How you create the OS X icon for your app? The answer is: very easily.

  • First of all open the logo in illustrator if it is .eps file or in photoshop if it is in psd format.
  • Save the image as .png after resizing to around 512×512 pixels.


  • Open Icon Composer (it is in your Developer>Applications>Utilities folder in your Macintosh HD drive. Drag and drop the png file you saved in Icon Composer window and select “copy to all smaller sizes”


  • Save the image, giving it the name you want.


  • Open IconDroplet (it is available for free here). Drop the icon in IconDroplet (or choose File>Choose File.


  • The output icon is placed in the same folder with the image you dropped in IconDroplet.
  • Double click the icon and see it in your Dock like a running app.


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