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Things is a task management app by cultured code. Thing is a mac-only app available for mac and iphone. I’ve been using things for about one month now (both desktop and iphone version) and I am pretty amazed with it. I love the app’s simplicity and ease of use. Most of the task management and to-do apps I’ve tried in the past, were complicated leading to bad user experience. Things is exactly the opposite.


Hitting the hot key, the quick entry panel appears (most of my to-dos are entered this way). From here you can create a new to-do, put it in a category, project and of course tag it. Desktop editions supports also “area of responsibility” feature. I have two areas: home and personal, but you can create as many as you like. Creating a project is easy and you can create as many to-dos as you like within project. Deleting tasks is as simple as drag and drop the task on the trash icon in the bottom left corner.



The best part comes when you use both Things for Mac and Things Touch for the iPhone. Opening Things on iPhone, automatically syncs your to-dos with Things for Mac (supposing that you have Things open on your mac and that iphone and mac are on the same wifi network). Checking done things, fades the task out, so it looks different from non completed tasks. At the end of each day, completed tasks and project are moved to Logbook (which is an archive of your completed tasks). You can customize this and log completed tasks hourly or weekly.


If you are tired of complicated task management apps, you should give Things a try. It is a little bit pricey but it worths every penny! Using both desktop and iPhone versions is the best way I’ve discovered to keep my to-do tasks organized.

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