OS X Lion how to: remove user name from menu bar


The first thing that tracked my attention after upgrading to OS X 10.7 Lion is that my full name (logged in user) was displayed on the top menu bar! Except that I do not want my surname showing up there, I am the only user on my mac. It is very easy to remove this option. You just have to click on the username in the menu bar while holding the Command(?) key and drag it off of the bar.

You can reenable it again, by going into System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Options and checking the “Show fast user switching menu as” option. If the options are greyed out (and you are not able to modify them), just click the Lock icon at the bottom left corner, typer your password and you are ready to go.

13 thoughts on “OS X Lion how to: remove user name from menu bar

  1. That was making me crazy – I had tried everything except, of course, the one thing that works. Thanks for sharing, you’ve saved my sanity.

  2. @Kim: Probably the only annoying addition to os x lion! Nice there is an option to remove the name from the menu bar and there is no hack needed!

    @Edgar: You are welcome 🙂

  3. Thank you! Did it two seconds after reading it and now when my wife wakes up, she won’t think I was trying to say “something” by all of a sudden having my name in FULL CAPS in her face on OUR machine! lol Command and drag, awesome!

  4. Thank you! I remember removing it when I upgraded to Snow Leopard, but somehow I wasn’t able to figure this one out.

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