First time at WWDC

WWDC is the event of the year for the Apple developer community. The year I had the privilege to be there (it was my first time at a WWDC). WWDC17 was different than previous years as the conference moved back to San Jose after a 15 years run at Moscone West in San Fransisco. San Jose is not a new city for WWDC. The conference took place in McEnery Center from 1988 to 2002 (WWDC 2002 was the year that Steve Jobs announced the "death" of MacOS 9). 

WWDC 2016 developer round up

This year's WWDC was full of surprises for developers. Apple chose the path of opening so many aspects of iOS to developers, which is something that we could not even think of some years ago. Users download more and more apps and spend more and more time on their smartphones. Apple aims to help this by eliminating the number of times users have to open apps and find what they want.

What I expect from WWDC 2014

Apple will hold its annual developers conference in San Francisco in June. WWDC will kick off on June 2nd in Moscone West. As every year the web is full of (accurate and inaccurate) rumors regarding what does Apple have in its pipeline. Based on the various rumors, I'll write about what I wish from Apple this year. It is clear that as last year was iOS year, this year's WWDC hot announcement is going to be about the mac mainly.

Migrating to modern Objective-C

Last year at WWDC 2012, Apple introduced Modern Objective-C alongside iOS 6. So what's this? In a few words, it is a huge step forward to help developers write less code to achieve the same things. Worth mentioning is that modern Objective-C has nothing to do with iOS versions, it has to do with the compiler, which means that it is backward compatible. Let's dive into the basics of transitioning to modern Objective-C. Xcode offers a refactoring tool (edit>Refactor>Convert to Modern Objective-C syntax) which will convert your project to modern objective-c (it will also set the appropriate flag in build settings). If you would like to adopt modern Objective-C when writing your code, which is the best, as it is intended to help you write less lines of code, general rules for doing so are the following.