Typpz Dashboard widget for Mac


Typpz dashboard widget for Mac is an RSS widget for your dashboard that parses and displays Typpz blog RSS feed. More info on the widget can be found here.

Version History

  • 0.6: First version of the widget. Widget launch.
  • 0.8: Added Typpz blog logo. Widget now displays also the flash content from my blog. Fixed several small bugs.

Download the Typpz blog widget.

Widgetized Simpla Theme


Simpla theme is a minimal theme for WordPress, created by Phu. Although the theme is great, its main problem is that it does not support sidebar widgets. That’s why I decided to make a widgetized version of the theme and distribute it through my blog. If you use it, keep in my mind to maintain the backlinks on the footer. More info on how to widgetize simpla by yourself can be found in this post.

Download Simpla widgetized here.

Typpz Web 2.0 logo pattern


This post was probably the most successful post on my blog. You can download the .psd file and play with it to create your own logo here.