Retina iPad mini review

I've been using the 1st gen iPad mini for about a year now. My main issue was the display quality and recently -after iOS 7 release- its speed. When Apple released the retina iPad mini this year, I thought that they finally released the mini as it should be since last year: an iPad with the same specs as the full size iPad but with smaller -and not worse- display.

First thoughts: WordPress 2.5

It has been about two weeks since I upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5. The new version (which was delayed for about one week) brings many changes, most of them in the backend (administration panel). These changes, which change the blogger's experience when he admins his blog, offer a faster, and more organized admin panel. … Continue reading First thoughts: WordPress 2.5

Review: Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000

Microsoft Mobile Memory 8000 mouse is a pointing device designed for notebook users (I purchased it for my notebook as I dislike touchpads 🙂 ). This mouse features also 1GB flash memory, which can be used as a usual portable flash drive. Apart from this, this device features a rechargeable NiMh battery, so you do … Continue reading Review: Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000