What I expect from WWDC 2014

Apple will hold its annual developers conference in San Francisco in June. WWDC will kick off on June 2nd in Moscone West. As every year the web is full of (accurate and inaccurate) rumors regarding what does Apple have in its pipeline. Based on the various rumors, I'll write about what I wish from Apple this year. It is clear that as last year was iOS year, this year's WWDC hot announcement is going to be about the mac mainly.

Firefox 3 is almost here with UI intergration

Firefox 3 will be released to public in a few weeks. For geek users the release candidate version is out there, ready to be downloaded. Firefox 3 will feature user interface integration, which means that Firefox theme will match your operating system theme. Below you can see some screenshots for mozilla development blog that show … Continue reading Firefox 3 is almost here with UI intergration

First thoughts: WordPress 2.5

It has been about two weeks since I upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5. The new version (which was delayed for about one week) brings many changes, most of them in the backend (administration panel). These changes, which change the blogger's experience when he admins his blog, offer a faster, and more organized admin panel. … Continue reading First thoughts: WordPress 2.5

Mozilla Prism: First thoughts

Mozilla Prism is a project created by the Mozilla Foundation (Firefox and Thunderbird creators). Prism is dedicated to bridge Web apps with desktop apps. The project is based on Webrunner which moved to Mozilla code repository and took the name Prism. The first thing you may think is that "We have already Microsoft Silverlight and … Continue reading Mozilla Prism: First thoughts

Downtime due to WordPress update

Sorry for the little downtime (around 40 minutes), but I updated Typpz blog to WordPress 2.3.2! This update fixes a critical security bug and adds the ability to create a custom db error page that will apear if WordPress cannot connect to you database instead of the classic WordPress db error page. The official announcement … Continue reading Downtime due to WordPress update